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This page contains general information regarding Vermont's Organics Landfill Disposal Ban and NEKWMD food scrap disposal services. Visit our Backyard Composting page for information and resources on composting food scraps at home.  
Food Scraps Drop-Off in the NEKWMD -
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! (and it’s FREE!)
Some of the benefits of keeping food scraps out of the trash include:
Before choosing how to manage food scraps, it's important to know your options! In the NEKWMD, residents have many to choose from. 
Curbside Food
Scrap Collection

If you or a neighbor have chickens or pigs, your household food scraps won’t have to go far! Consider feeding your leftovers

to livestock.


Backyard Composting is a great option for gardeners or anyone looking for a convenient, at-home method of managing food scraps.  

Collect food scraps at home and bring with you to your local recycling center for free disposal.

Residents can contract with a local compost hauler for convenient, curb-side collection services. 

Before you begin collecting food waste, its important to know what is considered food waste and whats accepted in your local program. The information below pertains to the food scrap drop-off program offered in many NEKWMD towns.  
Composting Food Scraps in the NEKWMD is easy and convenient. 
If it's food, you can compost it with us!

To easily collect food and plate scraps, use a countertop container with a lid (this can even be an old yogurt container).

Depending on how much food waste you generate, periodically add the material in the small countertop container to a larger bucket.

Having a water-tight lid and emptying compost weekly will decrease odor and insect issues!

For truly odorless food scrap storage, freeze your foodscraps! 

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