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The Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District offers Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) disposal seasonally, May through the end of September, at the Lyndonville Recycling Center by appointment.

 We also host regional events, CLICK HERE for more program details. Please note the HHW Collection Season ended for 2023 and will resume May 2024.

The NEKWMD HHW collection program is FREE for all NEKWMD residents. Schools and businesses must call the NEKWMD to schedule an appointment, some charges apply.

HHW products should never be disposed in the trash or dumped down the drain. HHW are common household products that include ingredients labeled as with warnings such as “toxic, corrosive, flammable, or reactive”. The NEKWMD Lyndonville Recycling Center offers seasonal HHW disposal from May-September, as well as numerous rover collection events. Any NEKWMD resident can attend any HHW collection event. Hazardous Waste disposal is free of charge for for all NEKWMD residents. 

Common examples of HHW include:

Household Products: Cleaners, bleach, disinfectants, mothballs, spot & stain removers, nail polish & removers, arts & craft supplies.

Gardening Products: Fertilizers, pesticides, rodent killers, no-pest strips, creosote.

Garage/Automobile Products: Antifreeze, brake fluid, corrosives, gas, degreasers, kerosene, paints, thinners, and stains. 


Recycle Leftover Paint with PaintCare

PaintCare, the nonprofit stewardship program created by the paint industry, provides sites in the Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District where households and businesses can recycle unwanted paint, stain, and varnish all year round.


Find a drop-off location near you here. All sites accept up to 5 gallons per visit. Please call ahead to confirm business hours and ask if they can accept the type and amount of paint you would like to recycle. Sites do not accept aerosols (spray paint), leaking, unlabeled, or empty containers.


Businesses, organizations, and households with 100 gallons or more can request a free large volume pickup. Visit to learn more and request a pickup.


In Vermont, Extended Producer Responsibility programs allow residents to dispose of a variety of materials free of charge, including:

- Electronics, such as computers (& peripherals), televisions, printers, etc. 

- Batteries - all single-use and rechargeable batteries, and cell phones. 

- Paint, Stains, Varnishes - all architectural paints. 

- Mercury-containing Bulbs & Thermostats.

The NEKWMD offers disposal programs for all of these materials. Please reach out for more information about participating disposal locations. 

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