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The NEKWMD is here to help all District School's, Businesses', and Events comply with Vermont's Universal Recycling and Composting Law. 
Browse through the resources below, and reach out to us if you'd like to set up a FREE waste consultation for your school, business, or event!
Attention Teachers! Did you know that the NEKWMD offers a variety of FREE educational resources for your classroom or school community?
If you're interested in offering in-class presentations on materials management, natural resources, or any other waste-related topic, reach out to us to begin discussing how the NEKWMD can support your classroom goals!
Local Businesses have access to all NEKWMD's disposal programs at low- or no-cost to the business! Businesses can potentially save on waste disposal costs by reaching out to us and learning about the variety of materials we can assist with.
In addition to access to NEKWMD disposal programs, we offer businesses:
  • Free waste consultations,
  • Free employee training assistance,
  • Assistance with signage and customer education,
  • And more!
Are you planning an event within the NEKWMD and wondering how to properly manage the waste generated at the event? 
Are you looking for ideas to plan a
zero-waste event in your community?

The NEKWMD is here to help! We can assist with waste reduction at events in a variety of ways, including:
  • Free event waste-reduction consultation,
  • Volunteer Training,
  • Signage and Educational Materials,
  • And More! Do not hesitate to reach out to discuss how your event can aim to be zero-waste!
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